What's the best handplane for me?

Handplanes are more about surface area then tails. 

Fish, Bat, Diamond and Arch tails work pretty much the same. All are great at 14” long so pick out what turns you on. The round tail is a longer handplane at 15.5” long. Fastest but more surface area. The Diamond, Bat, Arch is smaller but still very fast.

If you are a good bodysurfer or strive to be good you would want the Baby Buddha size at 12” long. That one is smaller so it isn’t as fast in mushy waves but as a good bodysurfer you make up for that. The advantage of the baby buddha is less handplane on your hand so it is the easiest to swim with and punch out of waves. You still get the advantage of the extra speed of a handplane and you get more of the freedom as if you had just your hand.

My primary handplane is a Baby Buddha fish, but I use a diamond tail and round tail as well.

Hope that helps!