February 2021

What's the best handplane for me?

Handplanes are more about surface area then tails. 

Fish, Bat, Diamond and Arch tails work pretty much the same. All are great at 14” long so pick out what turns you on. The round tail is a longer handplane at 15.5” long. Fastest but more surface area. The Diamond, Bat, Arch is smaller but still very fast.

If you are a good bodysurfer or strive to be good you would want the Baby Buddha size at 12” long. That one is smaller so it isn’t as fast in mushy waves but as a good bodysurfer you make up for that. The advantage of the baby buddha is less handplane on your hand so it is the easiest to swim with and punch out of waves. You still get the advantage of the extra speed of a handplane and you get more of the freedom as if you had just your hand.

My primary handplane is a Baby Buddha fish, but I use a diamond tail and round tail as well.

Hope that helps!

How do I asemble the strap?

Strap assembly is easy. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1. Take the strap with the seam facing to the back. 


Step 2. Take the end of the strap and slide it under the bar on the left side. Wiggle it back and forth to work it under the bar. 


Note: If it is tight use a small pointed object to work it under the bar. A small screw driver works or even a key. 


Step 3: When enough of the strap has been pushed under the bar hold the strap and pull it through so that it passes the end of the hook (the prickly/non fuzzy part) portion of the velcro. 



 Step 4: Put the right side through using the method above. Once at this stage slide your hand into the strap to see how it fits. Pul on each side to tighten to your licking. (Shops: Make it a medium tightness.)


 Step 4: Once it is in place, pull the neoprene cover back on the left side and firmly press the velcro on itself. (Press all along the velcro so it gets a nice strong stick.)


Step 5: Slide the neoprene back over and check to be sure the velcro didn't catch on the neoprene and curl back.  


If it did curl back use the screw driver to slide under the neoprene and push back the velcro and press everything down with you thumb until everything is flat. 


Step 6: Add the hang tag if you are a shop and attach the right side the same as the left. 



 Step 7: Take a break and watch Come Hell or High Water again. You deserve it!